Tuesday, June 9, 2009

:: dark woods and white ::

...I want that Lucite lamp & desk

...this stellar kitchen is topping my list right now!

...not a fan of the alien art though

...mmmmmm globe lights

...this is a perfect bathroom in my book

...never can have too much natural light

...genius use of storage


Marcella said...

Beautiful! My parents are building a home and they are going to do a bathroom in dark wook and white. You better be going to the parade of homes girl! You appreciate the art!

Adhis said...

Ok, that 3rd photo with the chick opening a cabinet... I have trouble getting my husband to find the can opener in the top drawer of the four drawers by the sink.

We'd starve if I had to tell him "second down and fifth over!"

Daniel said...

I've missed so much in the last couple weeks. I SO enjoyed catching up and looking at all your amazing pics... where do you get this stuff?!?! (LOVE wall paper b.t.w., and I think it would look AWESOME in the office... genius!)