Friday, June 12, 2009

:: Baby body surfing ::

Today I put Levi on the guest bed with a barrier of pillows (you know the kind) to take his nap. A few minutes later I was happily relaxing downstairs (procrastinating the inevitable workload of getting ready for the big garage sale tomorrow) and I hear a BOOM! As I jumped up to rescue my baby from his terrifying (second) fall off the bed...I was surprised not to hear him cry out and then that made me even more worried. I ran into the room to find that his barrier of pillows were all still in place, but that Levi was laying on his tummy on the bed side table... he had somehow rolled over the pillows, knocked the alarm clock (thus the "BOOM") off the bed side table and managed to balance his little self on the table. How did he do that? Luckily, I was able to reach him before he fell off the table! When I picked him up I said, "Levi, how did you get onto that table!?!" which he just giggled. =)

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