Monday, November 9, 2009

:: artists ::

I think Tate is quite the artist (must be the Browne side of the family)!

I've been meaning to cut their hair for months now...but look at that little face!

Lou coloring his very first picture/eating his first crayon.

kissable fingers...

& toes.


ashley said...

AAAAAAH! So cute! Love Levi's little face, and what a cute idea with the fingers and toes. I'm glad to see that someone in our family still takes pictures occasionally!

Kristen said...

Perfect pictures.

Do you cut their hair? My life got a lot easier when I switched from scissors to clippers. Looks better too. Good luck!

liso. said...

aaaak! they're getting so big! love the naked bum-bum!

hope all is well!