Wednesday, October 14, 2009

:: XoOxXOooXxxOX ::

We had the most amazing sky here in Lehi...breathtakingly beautiful!!! It had been raining off and on and the combination of the clouds, colors, lighting, and mountains made for a scene right out of the movies. On our drive to Costco for some shopping and a slice of pizza, I pointed it out to Tater. He loved it too!!! He held his toy tractor on his lap and pointed out something to me- all the other tractors by the church under construction near our home. He was very excited about the close resemblance to his toy and that they were also "orange." And then out of no where moments later Tater peeped out from the backseat something I love, and it went like this...

Tate: "I wanna talk to Jesus...Jesus in the sky"
me: "Okay, sweetie...just say a prayer and you can talk to him!"
Tate: "...and kisses too."
me: "awe."
Tate: "I give Jesus BIG hug!!!"
me: "Someday you will give Him a big hug, honey." =)
Tate: "okay."
me: "we love Jesus!"
Tate: "I love Jesus soooooooooo MUCH!"

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