Friday, July 31, 2009

:: let me count the ways ::

{Em, Tate, and Krista}

My family made the long 24+ hour drive from Arkansas to Utah many times growing up. Even as a young child I realized there was something VERY special about Utah summers. And now that I am blessed to live in this wonderful state my love has grown.

Here are just a few reason's I adore Utah summers

+ grass...lots of green lush grass (even though our yard is not up to par, at least we some)
+ the gorgeous evenings
+ spending many lovely evenings in the backyard chatting with family & friends while the kids play
+ more daylight...always a major plus in my book
+ tasty produce/farmer's markets/gifts from friend's gardens (hint...hint)
+ barbecue
+ my babies in diapers and shoeless
+ swimming at the pool
+ picnics
+ water Wednesdays
+ motivated to go to the gym...usually anyways
+ being cooled down by AC in a hot car or coming inside to its loveliness indoors
+ vacations...the more the merrier
+ Summer Olympic Games in Cedar City
+ running through the sprinklers

...and the list goes on!


erica e said...

argh. i MISS UTah summers! the summer is kinda yucky here. sigh.

angela hardison said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Glad to see another summer-lovin' list too. Pretty sure I'd take a Utah summer over AZ anyday though :)

I'll be sending you an email shortly with plate suggestions!

Heidi said...

We love summers with awesome neighbors. I have a recipe for YOU to try! I'll give it to ya when your first zucchini arrives from the garden. ;)

Jennica said...

Sweet...I will look forward to it!