Monday, June 29, 2009

:: Summer Olympic Games ::

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What a blast we had this year going back to Cedar City to watch our men play in the 3 on 3 soccer competition. Of course, our team consisting of the Hendricks and Weeks brothers did well...3rd place in fact! The kids loved cheering on their daddies, eating donuts and other snacks, playing at the playground, getting some quality outdoors time, & taking naps, etc... This year we decided to rent a house instead of get hotel rooms, which proved to be genius. It was so much fun for all the Weeks families to stay together! We were able to eat most of our meals for the three days there, it had an amazing yard that we all enjoyed, we hosted a pizza party with the Hendricks gang one night, played some Settlers of Catan, watched movies...all that kind of stuff. I also loved having Jeff and Trina ride up with us again this year. I felt bad that they got stuck on kid duty on the drive up, but it made the time go by so much faster and we had plenty of laughs of course! My favorite funny memory of our Cedar City trip took place at a gas station on the way home. Trina and I went in to get some goodies and at the cash register Trina was excited to see they had fresh Cheese Curd...something I had never seen before and was really grossed out by! Trina and the gas attendant kept trying to convince me to try a sample. He reached out a container of the stuff and held out a toothpick dispenser in the other hand, quickly Trina reached out to take a piece out with her hand and just as quickly the guy pushed the toothpicks a little closer her way, to which she replied, "No thanks, I don't want salt on mine!" With a face full of disgust, the guy said, "what if everyone did that?" I explained to her that it was not salt, but toothpicks and we had a really good laugh about it!

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