Saturday, May 2, 2009

:: you would think it was manna from heaven ::

Daddy held our little sweetie as he enjoyed his first bites of rice cereal. He devoured every bite and was very giddy that we were finally giving him real food! He seemed impatient as I dipped that tiny rubber tipped spoon into his baby bowl, leaning forward with his mouth open and reaching out to grab something...anything involved in getting that lovely rice cereal into his mouth quicker. Andy and I were cracking up over how anxious he was to eat like a big boy, and then felt slightly guilty for not letting him make this big step sooner (but nursing is just so convenient.) I was surprised that he new immediately what to do, how to open his mouth and suck on the little spoon...however, he did gulp a lot of air in the process so we burped him half way through just in case. The only problem is that he gets so excited to be eating that his arms have to be restrained and he kicks back against me every bite (which is not really a problem as much as it is annoying.) Tate was a good little eater as a baby too, but much pickier now. Hopefully Levi will continue to be a good eater throughout his childhood!


Jenn said...

Love the pictures! You seriously have that cutest kids. I can't believe he is old enough for rice cereal. You just had him the other day.

Laurie said...

your comments reminded me of Mikey's first taste of rice cereal -- thanks for taking me back :D