Saturday, May 2, 2009

Look what I found!!!!! ...SERIOUSLY check this'll thank me=)

My super sister-in-law, Sandy, told me about a web site/blog called Super Healthy Kids...but I like to call it, "A blog sent down from the Heavens just for me." I don't know were to start, it is seriously the coolest blog I have seen in a LONG time (created by a Utah girl, like myself!) There is so much information on every topic...and recipes to boot. =) Now, for a girl like me...that really could use some help in feeding a 2 yr. old "picky eater" this is a great find, but it also inspires me to find healthy living ideas for myself and the hubby.


Sandy said...

Well, I can't deny that I am pretty darn "super," but I can't take credit for being the sister in law that told you about this great info. I am always looking for healthy eating ideas that are family friendly. Thanks for the link!

Jungle Mama said...

Oh my gosh, I can't wait. A little bit of me dies every time I feed my kids PB&J for lunch ... I seriously need some good, healthy recipes!

Jennica said...

Are you sure, I thought you did...hmmmm? Well, then I have no idea! =)