Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dream Job

Would you have guessed that Andy's "dream job" has always been to start his own restaurant? Surprising, I know! I think one of his ideas (from back in the day) was to have all the food in his joint be in the shape of a ring...I am thinking that his restaurant would involve a lot of fried foods. And that he came up with this ingenious idea when he was very young. Maybe if we had an indoor playground with childcare provided then we would have a real money maker! =) Well, my "dream job" would be to own a modern Bed and Breakfast...something really chic and sexy! I am sure by the time we would be able to realize the dream of having our own B&B the market would be saturated with them. =(
Hopefully, Utah will still need a modern B&B like this one that we could open:

I would love to stay at the Kimber Modern in Austin, Texas (pictured above)!!!!!


Heidi said...

so cool, but I'm a little freaked oiut by the picture of the 2 jumping rabbits. Might have to take that down to be able to sleep!

Sonia said...

This is a really exceptional B&B. Like you, I really enjoy those over the hotels in many cases. They are more unique and more homey and intimate. I have noticed however that so many are stuck in "Victorian" or "Rustic" styles and they generally just look old and crappy. I likes yo' style baby!

ashley said...

Love it!