Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our red and silver Christmas tree.

Tate's first Christmas ornament from last year...we had his name inscribed on the bottom.

I love our monochromatic tree!!! In the near future (maybe next year), we will have a finished basement and be able to have the fun family tree with all the sentimental and homemade ornaments.


Heidi said...

Love your tree! I am the same way about my Christmas tree. I put a llittle one up in the girls' room that they can do whatever they want to, but I like my tree all to match.

Adhis said...

When we had the 3 kids, they all made ornaments at school and brought them home to put on our tree. Boy- I never knew I'd be so particular about my Christmas tree. I felt like a selfish mom. I guess I'm in good company though!

Jennica, what kind of camera do you use? Those photos are gorgeous.