Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our "Ahh Ahh"

As soon as we saw this monkey costume, we knew we had a winner! Tate LOVES monkeys, although he calls them "ahh ahhs". I think he really enjoyed his Halloween experience this year and loved putting on his costume each time because he knew he was a monkey. Like most people, we took Tate over to our ward's trunk or treat, which was fun...short and sweet. I asked Tate to hold his tail so that it wouldn't get it all dirty and I never saw him let it go (I think he is even holding it in this picture). =) He is a pretty obedient little boy!
On the afternoon of Halloween Tate and I went to visit daddy at work and to do a little more trick or treating. The people at the office usually bring a little candy with them to work to hand out to the kids that come around. Andy is a VERY proud daddy and every time we visit him or go out to lunch together Andy takes Tate around the entire building to see everyone...and I mean EVERYONE. He has been "showing him off" in this manner since he was a new born. I think it is cute that he is such a proud papa. Then we stayed for a company provided pizza party and to watch the video that Andy's group of programmers put together of various employees being scared by an unexpected prank.
After lunch Tate and I rushed over to Wal-mart (ugh), to get various items we needed for dinner. We went over to Tim and Hilary's house this year and Greg and Aimee and their kids came too. I offered to be in charge of dinner to make things a little easier for Hil and we decided to make a Cafe Rio meal served with one of my yummy smoothies. (Thus, the post on those two recipes earlier =). Dinner was AMAZING and the kids/husbands had a blast going around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. Hilary, Aimee and I stayed back to man the porch and hand-out candy which was so much fun! I found out that most people do like Baby Ruth candy bars and that I probably won't name this baby Parker, because the 18yr. old Parker that came by trick-or-treating hated his name growing up (...which is too bad, it is such a good name!)
At one point in the evening, I was the only one sitting on the porch handing out candy while the girls tended to baby Noah. A small group of children approached me with a woman leading the pack. (I will give this to the lady, I was kind of sitting off to the side and in the dark of night...and I was wearing darker eye make-up). Anyways, she started walking up to the porch and from a distance says, "Oooooooh, what do we have here...something VERY SCARY!" I think she choked on the rest of her words as she close enough to see that it was just a very pregnant woman trying to look pretty and dressed up for the holidays. Well, despite being called scary, this was my favorite Halloween to date. We all had such a BLAST this Halloween and can't wait until next year!


Heidi said...

Ohh, so scary! I only think that when I'm watching you eat your lunch through the blinds...just kidding! You definately had the cutest little monkey!

Ashley said...

SOOOO CUTE! LOVE the costume! And the sweet little face that goes with it even more! Wish we could have seen you that night!

Adhis said...

That's so funny about the "something very scary"! I'm chuckling still.