Monday, October 27, 2008

Super Geeks...from the FUTURE!

What are we you ask? We are from the future. Come on...aren't the garbage bags a dead give-away! Andy and I love holidays...and Halloween is no exception. We are pretty lame when it comes to the costumes though. Each year we scramble at the last second to put a "costume" together, we dig through our basement, closets, dressers, garage, under the sink...anything that might contain an item that could be used for a "costume". Before we know it, we collect an interesting array of random items that inspire and direct what we will be. Most years we invest in one item, like a wig or hat and then magically the look comes together. Luckily for us, we have no shame in showing up to a party in garbage bags and duct tape (like this year). We did accessorize with Andy's laser tag guns, glow sticks, flash lights and you probably can't see it, but we both have gold glitter all over our face. I didn't realize how hot it can get inside a garbage bag, but what else is a pregnant girl to wear at such an occasion? We had a BLAST (as always) and my mouth hurt by the end of the night from smiling so much! Thanks again for the amazing dinner/party!!!


Adhis said...

I didn't forget. It just took a little while to condense all the photos I took that night. My post is scheduled to publish soon though. :)

liso. said...

Love your Halloween least you go to the trouble to scrounge for outfits...I'm a Halloween scrooge. But I DO carve one redeeming Halloween quality. Oh, and I like candy corn. That's all.

Ashley said...

You guys ROCK!! You should've seen the the Prince Charming costume we scrambled to get together for Dan the other night. Let's just say his decorations consisted of an old Boy Scout badge and graduation tassels!