Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm Drooling...

My Flickr Favs! The kitchen is the heart of the home...and I spend a lot of time there. I love these kitchen/dining rooms! Click on the image to see larger or the coordinating link below to see each individual kitchen.

1. kitchen, 2. black & white / kitchen, 3. love the cocktail service!, 4. white & wood, 5. dining room - inlaws, 6. Kitchen via Domino, 7. Carter & Co. kitchen via Desire to Inspire, 8. Eames DSW chairs via Skona Hem, 9. Kitchen via House Obsession, 10. Skona Hem white kitchen, 11. Tine K kitchen, 12. Alan Higgs kitchen diner extension, 13. Studiobon black and white kitchen via Deisgn Sponge, 14. White and yellow kitchen via Canadian H&H, 15. Black & white kitchen - Pernilla Asberg, 16. Black & white kitchen via Desire To Inspire, 17. black & white kitchen via Desire To Inspire, 18. Selldorf kitchen via Desire To Inspire, 19. Kitchen diner via Michael Wells - Eames chairs, 20. After: Saturated with white, 21. West End Interior Design 3, 22. white and wood and string shelves, 23. Liza Giles {designer}, 24. Loft Design, 25. diningroom5.jpg, 26. provide_048, 27. Danielle's kitchen, 28. Danielle's dining - Eames DSW, Kuboaa Wallpaper, Tulip table, stairs, 29. Kitchen_1_sm_1.jpg, 30. rebekah11.jpg, 31. this is swedish guy's kitchen, 32. dining room updated photo, 33. Cherner and chandelier, 34. Marowshka's kitchen (the last of the convex starburst mirrors), 35. kitchen renovation bridgeland, 36. white and pale pale pale gray

My mom used to cut out images from magazines and had multiple binders full of inspirational/beautiful spaces and things that she loved. I like to collect ideas on my computer...a lot less work and easy to find this way!

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Ashley said...

These are so amazing.... how do people do it!?!