Friday, September 26, 2008

I was freaking out so I finally just googled..."blotchy skin due to pregnancy"

I can't remember when I first noticed them, but I am really hoping it was sometime after I got pregnant! I have these LARGE brown blotches of skin under my eyes and on my forehead. If you don't believe me, I will show you (even though I try to cover it up with make-up)...and if I notice any of you starring at me for a really long time I will understand. =) I really have been SCARED to death that I am already old enough to get permanent age spots or I have some kind of skin cancer. I have not had any doctor look at them yet, but I feel a little bit better today because I finally just googled, "blotchy skin due to pregnancy," hoping that could be the culprit and saw the following:
Chloasma ("mask of pregnancy" or melasma). Some women experience a brownish darkening of the facial skin. This change is called the “mask of pregnancy.” It is more common in women with dark hair and pale skin. The woman usually has brownish, uneven marks on the forehead, temples and middle of her face. Sometimes the marks appear around the eyes or over the nose. The darkened areas may get even darker when exposed to sunlight. These marks usually fade completely after delivery.
What a relief, even if I don't have chloasma...this information will give me peace of mind for the next couple of months! If I don't have a temporary problem on my hands, then what!?! Ahhhhh!


Adhis said...

And, I didn't notice it tonight. In fact, I was thinking how beautiful you are.

It's a pregnancy mask. Don't you worry, hon. You'll be fine.

liso. said...

that's funny. pregnancy mask. as though that would mask a pregnancy?!? Times like those (the freak-out, followed by a calm-down) make me appreciate the else would we know how normal the crazy stuff is!?!

Kristen said...

I've read about that several times before. And then look in the mirror, wondering if I have it and I'm the only one who hasn't noticed. =o)

Adhis is right, you're beautiful and would be even with neon orange spots. Good luck!