Monday, August 4, 2008

I couldn't figure out why all of his clothes were getting so tight! And then it dawned on me...12-18months is OVER. :(

My little monkey is growing up so fast...(I just knew this was going to happen)! He turned 18months old recently, which means he gets to go to nursery. For Andy, this was a much anticipated and exciting time because he takes charge of Tate from morning until about 5:30 PM when we get out of church. (I am very spoiled...I know). I just see nursery as one step closer to high school graduation and can hardly bare to let him go! It seems a little silly to me too, considering I never have Tate with me during those hours of church (due to my calling in the primary). But he is going to nursery, whether I like it or not...and he will go to kindergarten and so on until...well, lets just leave it at kindergarten for now. =) I kind of thought Tate would jump right in and not have any problems being left in nursery...and he did just that. Andy stayed with him the first week (just in case) and yesterday Tate went all by himself. I just had to peek in on him (twice) and thought it was so cute to see him sitting in his little chair at the table with all the other big kids drinking out of the little sippy cup. Yesterday he brought home a little fishing pole with paper fish that he liked a lot. He now loves to sing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" (he touches his head, toes, eyes and nose)...very cute. He has loved the "Popcorn" song for a long while now and does a lot of the hand motions for that favorite song of his. He even says, "Jesus" if you point to a picture of Him. For the past couple of months Tate joins in prayers, which is so cute because he clasps his hands together tight and mumbles a few high pitched "words". He also loves to lead the music in church, (to the beat too)! Of course, all of this is very adorable to us!!!


Heidi said...

He's getting so big! He makes my day when he is so excited to see me and the girls. I just love his happy little, "Hi! Hi!" We love Tate so stinkin' much!

Ashley said...

AWWW! My little baby's all grown up and goin' to nursery! Yesterday when we were leaving church, Krista was being silly and walking down the hall and out the door backwards and it hit me like a dump truck... WHEN DID SHE GET SOOOOO BIG!!!!????!!!! It's bitter sweet I suppose, but please don't ever bring up high school graduation again! Hey, at least I don't have to worry about Emma outgrowing her 18 mo. clothes anytime soon!
I love my little Tate and we miss you guys sooo much! I sure wish we lived closer, but I guess it could be worse! Anyways, I LOVE this entry; you should journal more often!

Kat said...

Don't they just grow up too quick?! I was taking pictures of Caden the other day and when I looked at them, it seemed like he had grown at least 2 years. :) I understand your feelings about not wanting to let them go.