Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jennica's Bruschetta

Today I made bruschetta...or should I just call it heavenly delight, as an appetizer for dinner. Oh, my goodness was it ever good!!! I think the secret ingredient that really made it amazing was the fresh basil from my sister's garden. Seriously though, I could eat this all day long. =)

Jennica's Bruschetta

Baguettes (found fresh in your local grocery store bakery) sliced into thin rounds
brush on olive oil
mozzarella sliced nicely to fit the bread rounds
ripe vine tomatoes sliced into thin rounds (Roma tomatoes would work as well)
sprinkle tomatoes with a little sea salt and pepper
cut up FRESH BASIL into tiny pieces and sprinkle on generous, its yum mo =)
top it all of with a little shredded Parmesan cheese

Place on cookie sheet and broil until cheese starts to melt and bread gets careful though it is easy to burn. Finally, serve on a cute white really makes for a pretty presentation. =) ENJOY!!!!


Ducati Groupie said...

As an enhancement, reduce balsamic vinegar so it's thicker, then chill it and drizzle it over the toasty little rounds. It's pretty and delicious!

Jennica said...

Mmmmm...sounds good! I do love balsamic vinegar. =)

Ashley said...

Sounds deeelish! What I'd like to know is when are my sisters going to hook me up with some vine ripe tomatoes and fresh basil!?!

a. said...

mmmm, I do LOVE basil! who's the one growing it???

...remember that shrimp nacho thing we had at thanksgiving point? i've got a recipe! i'll post it on the recipe blog probably next week, but it is AWESOME! We ate two BIG plates the first time...:)

Jennica said...

Oh, sweet! How did you ever find it? I will have to remember to check that out. =)

Amy said...

Try the one I do with figs & goat cheese...I know, it sounds weird. It's good though! More of a dessert...the goat cheese cuts the sweetness of the fig a little.