Friday, June 22, 2007

Which one do you like the most?


I seem to have a problem overdoing it when I photoshop my pics. I was wondering which one you all like the most?


Anna said...

hey - i recognize that shirt!(sniff, sniff - my babies are all grown up :( My vote is for #1 - but of course, i'm all about photoshop :)

ashley04 said...

I like #1 & 2; I couldn't decide, sorry. You are soo good! Love this pic.!

Heidi said...

I like number one, and I love the chair! Ha ha

Andy & Jennica Weeks said...

Thanks for your input girls, I love ya!

Amy said...

Hey Jennica! I found you through Tara's blog...he is such a handsome boy! Love the big photo you got with him in the hat...gotta love those gorgeous eyes. Get your broomstick'll have to beat away the girls soon!

Kate said...

Hi Jennica - I am dying over Tate in his hat! SO CUTE!!