Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I never the get the 'blues' when Krista Bell is around!

Krista is so fun to photograph, except you have to be very clever to get her to smile... and looking at the camera takes a small miracle. :)

I can just see the prgression in these few shots, I think they would make a cute storyboard.


ashley04 said...

I said it last night and I'll say it again: these are so stinkin' awesome... YOU are so stinkin' awesome! That first one is one of my all time favs of Krista now! You've really got some talent here girl!!

Anonymous said...

These are all adorable, Jen. I love the 4th blue hat pict of Krista. And you got Emma to smile... so cute. The last one of Tate is precious. Those 3 are probably my favorites of the wee ones. And of course, Ash is gorgeous as usual. Love my babies and my girls!!!

Katie said...

Jennica - I love these! I had no idea that you were such an awesome photographer, too! What is it with you girls ... I am SO jealous!!