Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ashley and Dan's big date night out. Meanwhile, we were babysitting all the kiddies. And to think I used to want twins...hmmmm?

What a cute pair these two make...they were made for eachother! Daniel is such an AWESOME husband and always treats his spiffy wiffy like a princess. Ash and I had a blast getting her all dolled up :) Isn't she gorgeous!?!?!

Okay, so Ashley thinks this is a silly picture...but I LURVE it! I think she is so beautiful. Click on the pic and check out those eyes. The Pearson kids did luck out with some pretty amazing eyes, if I do say so myself. :)

The babies have a blast playing together with the fish mat. My personal favorite is laying them side by side on the floor and then blaying peek-a-boo with a blanket and shaking it up and down. All three of us getting laughing and have so much fun with that game. I should get it on video and post it for all to see :)


ashley04 said...

SOOO cute! I love all the colors! I can't wait til these two grow up; they'll be the best of buds!

ashley04 said...

Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for watching the girls for me!!! And thank you for helping me get all dolled up. And thanks even more for the hours it must have taken you to photoshop all the blemishes on my skin in that close-up! I do think that's a silly pic... oh well.

ashley04 said...

Man... my hubby is HOT!