Tuesday, December 1, 2009

:: Levi's 1st Birthday ::

We had such a nice party to celebrate your big day. Grandmama & Grandpapa, Uncle Tim's family, Uncle Tom's family, Uncle Greg's family, Uncle Jeff's family, the Wrights, and Aunt Meg all came over for dinner. We had a yummy feast in your honor...only the best for our son! You loved being the center of attention and were so cute!!! I want you to know that you are LOVED...you have so many people that adore you and will always be there for you. You are such a special little guy and have a great Spirit about you! I love that you are so loving, and the way you cuddle into people when they hold you. You give lots of kisses freely and make a "maaa" sound while doing it that melts hearts. I love it when you walk up to me and hold my legs while looking up at me and reach both hands out to me...knowing I will pick you up. You are such a good little eater, willing to eat just about anything...and mommy really needed that- so thank you! Levi, you are very mischievous and that's okay. You always want to get into everything, especially the stuff you know you are not supposed to (like the game cupboard, under the kitchen sink, the remote control, the toilet bowl brush/toilet paper/anything that has to do with the toilet, the big potted plant, etc...) You are walking like a pro these days, although you still have that cute baby wobble and still crawl from time to time. You can already go up the stairs all by yourself. My favorite thing to do during the day is chase you around the couch, playing peek-a-boo around the corner and catching you off guard...we laugh and roll around on the floor (I think it is your favorite activity too)! You are not as visual as your big brother (you don't love books and TV), you are more hands on. You like playing with toys, coloring, games, dancing, getting tickled, play dough, discovering, playing, but mostly just being in your mommy's arms. You love Tate and are such good buddies. You two love to follow each other around and play so well together, and I am sure that bond will only grow stronger with time! You are just starting to say little words here and there (like tank-u) and we can tell you understand pretty much everything we say...you are just getting so big too fast. You are the baby of our family and we all love and adore you!
Happy Birthday Boo-Bah!!!

No time for a nap on your big day, luckily this little snack held you over until bedtime.

Look how big you have gotten in just one year!
(Now I am going to cry...promise me you will always be my sweet boy.)


You knew this party was just for you and clapped & bopped along as we sang to you.

We LOVE our family and were so happy everyone could come to celebrate Levi Lou's birthday with us!

Mommy LOVES you more than words can say! You are such a joy and sweet boy...I just can't get enough of my mamma's boy. =)

Tate LOVES you sooooooooooo much!!!

Mommy made you a delicious coconut lemon curd cake from scratch and you gobbled it up. =)

You have a sweet tooth...just like your momma!

You stayed pretty clean for your first dessert.

You loved all your presents...and all that attention too!

Daddy LOVES his beautiful boy and had so much fun helping you open all your presents.

Aunt Hilary made you this very special book with pictures of all the Weeks' family members in it, she wanted you to have a very thoughtful gift because you are named after Uncle Tim and have a special place in their family's heart.

You really are such a loving little guy, always giving lots of kisses and cuddles.


Heidi said...

we love this little guy! These pictures are great, I can't believe how big he is!

Sarah and Cam said...

So fun! I can't believe he's so big already! Cute boys!!

liso. said...

Happy Birthday, Levi! I love all the pics you post of the two boys together, so sweet! ...and, um, yum. that cake looks awesome!

Tara said...

CUTE KIDDOS! But no surprise when you see their cute Mamma! Happy b'day to Levi!

Roberts Family said...

I love first birthdays! He is sooo adorable!!

Anonymous said...
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jill said...

That was so fun to read!! You are such a great mommy!! We love that little guy too!! Your boys are so sweet!!

The Hill Family said...

I can't believe it! Your boys are darling! Our families have been friends for over a decade and I LOVE it!! Hope all is well with the little ones!

Kirsten Sue said...

Little boys are the best!

Anonymous said...
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the reilly's said...

jennica, i can't believe he is one already. where does the time go? your boys are so cute. i am exited that you get to have a girl. i can't wait to see what she looks like. hope you are feeling good.

Chelsey Wilson said...

Beautiful boys, Jennica! That was the sweetest post-what a sweet mommy you are!

Nicole said...

Hey! This is Nicole Moncur, Andy's cousin JaDee's wife. I had an old Christmas card from Jo that had your blog address on it from 2008 that I unearthed in a pile of papers that I ignored when we moved into our house in Alaska a year ago. I am so glad I took the time (finally) to look you up and see your cute boys! And from your blog I found a bunch of other family and was so excited to see that Tom and Sandy were able to get their baby from China! Wow! that was a long time coming! Anyway, I added you to my blog list and hope to see how you guys are doing!

Stephanie said...

I'm not sure you're still blogging anymore, but I had to tell you the party looked fantastic and I love that mid-century piece! Lucky.