Saturday, August 29, 2009

:: Thank you for... ::

-getting up with the boys so I could sleep in until 9:30AM
-mowing the yard
-pulling the weeds
-hauling 15+ loads of heavy dirt/clay a block away at the construction site
-cleaning out the garage
-being such a good friend to all the neighbors
-getting yummy Chinese takeout
-taking a bath with Tate
-encouraging me to tuck Tate in for bed the right way
-praying for me, that I might know how much I am loved and appreciated
-playing Tetris against me until way past our bedtime (even though this hasn't happened...YET)
- being the most wonderful husband and friend that you always are!


Kat said...

You truly do have a stud muffin for a husband. :)

Adhis said...

Husbands don't get nearly enough praise. You've inspired me to go praise mine now.

Megan said...

What a beautiful picture Jenny! I love it