Wednesday, August 5, 2009

:: cheerios and noodles can be pretty masculine ::

Lindsay came over the other day to teach Tate and I a thing or two about crafts. I don't know if it is because I am raising two boys, but we don't do too many craft projects at the Weeks' home. I thought these necklaces were so clever and simple that we had to try it out. Tate had a blast having his sweet little friend over and worked at his necklace for a long time. I finished it for him and he enjoyed wearing it for a few days. The End.


Heidi said...

I LOVE these pictures! Thanks for letting her come play, and letting us take Levi. It's fun to have a baby around--once in a while! :)
(I finally threw Lindsay's away last night).

angela hardison said...

Cute :)

And those curtains are just fabric from IKEA that we sewed to the appropriate length and hung.

The Hill Family said...

tate is such a big boy now!! he's so handsome :)