Monday, August 3, 2009

:: all surrounded by the glow ::

I have never seen a more stunning new mama as my Trina...the wife to Andy's younger brother, Jeff. She has effortlessly transitioned into motherhood in ways that amaze me! Her mommy glow is blinding and her beauty is even more so one week after child birth than I have ever seen her. I love how Jeff and Trina treat each other so sweetly and work together in every way as new parents...truly setting an example to me and reminding who I need to be as a new mother and wife. I love these images I was able to capture of her and baby should have seen the way he gazed at her so lovingly and gave her sweet baby kisses.


Heidi said...

Jennica, these are AMAZING! Good job, and what a cutie!

Becky Bean said...

You're turning out to be quite the photographer! These are beautiful pictures...they look like they could be in a magazine!