Sunday, May 24, 2009

:: how I love thee ::

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Today was a good day!
One of those days that passed slowly, but in a good must have been the rain. =)
I slept in as I do every Sunday that I teach the lesson in Young Women's...not a good thing, just a fact. I am always too stressed out to want to start the day so I start it out on a really bad note (just something else to work on.) Once I finally got out of bed determined not to be too late for church, my day really started looking up!
Daddy had already gotten Tate and himself fed and was about to jump in the shower & Levi was just stirring ready for his second feeding of the morning.
I hurried and put on my handy dandy shower cap, grabbed a naked baby Levi to join me in the shower, slipped on my favorite denim jacket and new skirt that would match my cute pedicure, decided make up would not be happening, and skipped breakfast...all of this and we made it just in the nick of time!
The lesson on Temple Marriage turned into a strange rambling by yours truly (I wonder if you could even call it a lesson)...I think it was because I feel so strongly about Temple Marriage that I just kept going off on weird rants about this and that, hopefully they got my jist.
After arriving home (half starved of course) I quickly caramelized some red onions and sauteed up a couple of cheese brauts for me and the hubby, coupled with a handful of Doritos...lunch was delightfully unhealthy. =)
My favorite visiting teacher, Sis. Sattler, popped by and we visited for a nice long while...I have really grown to look forward and love her more than any other visiting teacher I have ever had!
The boys went down for naps, and then alas, it was time for some much needed relaxing.
Later that afternoon we went on a nice long walk with the boys in their new double stroller, which I could tell they both loved...loved being together (so so so cute!)
While on our walk I handed Tate cute weeds and such to hold, kissed my man lots, enjoyed the gorgeous weather, and eventually Levi fell asleep.
We noticed the clouds were getting dark and headed home, but I love the rain so after getting Levi nestled in the crib we stayed out side to enjoy it!!!
We tried to teach Tate how to push the pedals on his tricycle unsuccessfully again.
We sat on the cement to watch the sky and enjoy the first few drops of rain and then when it really started to pour down I showed Tater how to catch rain on his tongue (my favorite part of the day!)
After spending the next hour or so hanging out in the back of the SUV playing with all the fun finds in the backpack Nana made for the boys for Christmas we decided to head in for dinner.
I pulled up a chair so Tate could assist me in cutting fresh pineapple & making pizza pockets (which I hadn't made in a while...I forgot how easy and good those are!)
Andy fed Levi his rice cereal, which I appreciate so much (feeding babies is one of my least favorite things.)
Tate got to talk to both set of Grandparents on the phone before bed...which he loved!
And now they sound asleep. =)
I think we are going to play a game now...a perfect activity for a rainy Sunday night.
Did I mention, I love rainy days?!!!!?


Heidi said...

Glad you had such a great day! We loved the rain, too! And, I made pizza and Jeramy said, "Huh. This wasn't as bad as it usually is!" Gotta love him!

Katy said...

I'm so jealous you get Sister Sattler as your visiting teacher! She was mine when I lived there, and she is a gem! I agree with you, she is an all-time favorite!

Helen said...

I thought your lesson was great actually! It was what the girls needed to hear. I love rainy days too!

Tara said...

What a GREAT day! I always love your sincerity! I bet your an AWESOME YW leader!

michele said...

I love your cute blog!!!