Monday, May 11, 2009

The CRAZY week before a Happy Mother's Day!

The best part of my Mother's Day was having Andy come home from Florida, where he had been for the past 7 days...working 16 hr. days at his company's convention. I missed Andy VERY much, but learned a lot in the process. I learned that accepting Ashley's invitation to come have dinner the night he flew out of town was a smart one, and even though I showed up an hour before they got home from church because the went to choir practice, it was a BEAUTIFUL day and Tate and I made a new friend with her 5 yr. old neighbor Dunkin. (I learned a lot about Dunkin too.) Thanks to some GREAT parenting advice on helping my picky eater from Ashley, I learned how to stop giving Tate empty threats and do what I say...which has really improved meal time around our house this past week! I realized just how grateful I was for Meg, who stayed with me 5 of the 7 days...and wished I could have convinced her stay the last 2 days! I don't sleep well alone, which really came back to bite me this week as I stayed up until 2 AM the last two nights....AHHHHH! I learned a lot about Meg and she learned what it is REALLY like being a stay at home mom. I think she has a new appreciation for moms and is happier being in her stage of life. I discovered how much Levi loves the pool (took him for the first time) and Tate had no fear come the second time around. Oh, and I learned that the little swimming jacket I bought for Tate is crap... I dare say he would have been better off without it on. I now know that I like detailing my own car, that it takes 4 hours to do it, and that I will flood the basement again if I keep the water going the whole time. What else? Oh, I changed my first diaper in which Tate and I were both covered in poop because he decided to throw a fit midway through...NEVER want to experience that one again! I learned that it is okay to ask for help or for people to come hang out with you and I appreciated all those that did so, especially Grandmama and Grandpapa who took Tate on a date one evening so I could get a little break. The most important realization from this past week was that I don't have to turn into a grumpy mess at 5 PM because Andy isn't home from work...I can chose to keep going because I know I can. =)


a not so desperate housewife said...

i hear you chica! it's amazing the things we discover we're capable of doing when we have no other choice than to crawl up into a ball on the floor and suck our, i mean i think i understand what you're talking about :)

Helen said...

I always learn A LOT when Darren goes out of town.

Jungle Mama said...

Isn't it nice to look back over a trying time and realize that you've come to understand what you're made of? That's how I feel about having twins.

Glad your hubby's home safe and sound!