Thursday, April 30, 2009

My baby's have blue eyes...just like their daddy!

It seems I spoke too soon a while back...he is definitely a two year old now! Don't get me wrong he is as sweet as this picture 97% of the time, but then there is that other 3% -YIKES!

Levi is in a new phase, as you can see...I think he does this when he is happy or tasting the fresh air outside so we are seeing a lot of his little tongue these days!

Here are my boys, just chillin'...probably watching Caillou, while I enjoy watching them. =)


Ashley said...

SOOOOO CUTE!!! We are missing you guys so much! Levi will fit in well with my girls now! I'm sure sticking out your tongue is a sign of intelligence... I hope!

Anonymous said...

Adorable, Jen!!


Helen said...

Your boys are so sweet and cute. I totally want to put Austin in our excersaucer now! I bet he'd love it.