Tuesday, April 14, 2009

::Easter 2009::

A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E...I know! =) Levi's very first Easter was such an amazing one. He loved every second of it! My only regret is that I forgot to get the boys a new outfit until Saturday and by then it was too late, but they still looked cute in their hand-me-downs. =)

This is the ONLY pic I have of Tate alone and looking at me! The rest are of him running around, having a ball and finding eggs etc. What an important and FUN holiday! I forgot how much fun Easter could be, but with kids 2 and older it is such a memorable holiday. Tate had so much fun being outside and finding his basket/eggs on a gorgeous Spring day. And then we had the BEST time at Grandpapa and Grandmama's house! We had a delicious meal of ham, deviled eggs (that was our contribution), Aimee's to die for granola rolls and homemade raspberry butter (still need that recipe), Sandy's yummy jello that all the sister-in-laws were excited to have on their plates, potatoes and gravy (a Weeks must have), and corn. And then we devoured Hilary's out of this world dessert...a fresh berry sauce with a kick served hot on top of homemade chocolate chunk ice cream cake. Oh, yeah BABY! I am going to have to share the recipe for the dessert and rolls for you guys later. =)

We actually did a really good job on their Easter baskets this year. Probably too much if anything, but we knew Tate was old enough to get really excited. After church we hid the died eggs that we made the night before with Aunt Meg around the side of the house for Tate to find and with much help and prompting he was able to find them all. Then we gave the boys their baskets and tried to quickly get a cute picture (it was too cold and the grass was a little too wet to prolong the process.) *Don't worry he is not choking his baby brother...it's a love hold! =)

Every year we pile all the Weeks grandkids on a blanket in front of grandma's big pine tree and try to get the money shot. This was the best one I got (hopefully, uncle Tom got one with Levi looking up.) And every year the blanket gets a little more crowded. =) What CUTIES!!! Next year our family will be pleased to add Jeff and Trina's new baby boy to the mix (due to arrive sometime near the end of July!)


Becky Bean said...

Ahhh!!! He looks soooo cute with his new hair cut! What precious boys you have!

Heather said...

Have I ever told you what BEAUTIFUL boys you have? If not I think it everytime I see them! please have lots more!!!

liso. said...

oh, gosh, your baby is so big! it's crazy how fast they grow without even realizing it. but, smokes!