Wednesday, February 25, 2009

:: yellow ::

Today's flickr favs make me happy! This will most likely (not 100% sure) be the accent color in my bedroom...I think it will go very nicely with my grey walls and walnut furniture and white bedding. =)

1. { There are a million ways to say thank you ,,, 2. yellow fire, 3. Etsy Take Five Tuesdays, 4. Poppy, 5. map wall, 6. Nicky, 7. new boots, 8. For Cynthia, 9. have i mentioned that this flash may change my life?, 10. Vintage yellow wallpaper, 11. yellow (1), 12. Charms, 13. collecting sunshine, 14. lemurs, 15. Untitled, 16. O's painting, 17. fun one, 18. lines., 19. Untitled, 20. colors colors and more, 21. ashley and nick, 22. Lucy, 23. {captivating}, 24. another..., 25. story of a midwestern yard, 26. goodmorning, 27. Daisies, 28. fold pillow, 29. Enchanted gardens, 30. Elsa Mae, 31. stair ramp, 32. red shoes, 33. Untitled, 34. Summer Delight, 35. Untitled, 36. Pears


liso. said...

oooh, love the color scheme! that's one that i waft back and forth on when deciding new decorating colors. love the combo (in case you can't tell on my blog!)

Jennica said...

You know, I have ALWAYS loved your blog ...the color scheme and posts...not to mention how fresh it is!

Sandy said...

Jenn - you really should run over and check out Aimee's master bedroom. Her walls are grey, the furniture is a darker color wood (I don't know what type), and the bedding and accents are all yellow, white and glass. Sounds very similar to yours. Maybe it will spark some ideas!

JillianMarie said...

jennica you and i have the same tastes! i love your blog. i miss you and your family so much. the family reunion seems so far away, i want to see everyone! i hope you all are doing well and know how much i love you!!