Thursday, February 5, 2009

"We May Not Have It All Together, But Together We Have It All"

If this is their relationship now, I can't wait to see what the future holds. Tate is the BEST big brother...better than I thought possible at his age! He is so gentle and loving towards his baby brother. They already love each other so much at such a young age. Andy and I love it when Tate says, "Wook Wayvi" & "Wove woo Wavi"...too cute for words!!! These are the days I will look back on the rest of my life and wish I could have them back. =)

Our little angel is getting so BIG! He has the cutest baby rolls and soft baby skin. His hair feels like feathers and is the most beautiful color with a hint of red. He has beautiful blue eyes and the most gorgeous smile and coos sweetly at this age. Levi loves to suck on his hands/fingers and I am just crossing my fingers that he does not discover his thumb! We have discovered he is very ticklish and has the cutest chuckle I've ever heard (although most time he struggles to keep it in and grunts instead). He is very content all day as I am tending to Tate and other things, and usually makes a "mmmm mmmm" sound instead of crying if he needs something. I often feel guilty and worry that he is not getting enough attention or being held (I assume my children are as needy and crave attention like me)...but he has such a calm spirit about him. My favorite characteristic of Levi at this age (almost 3 months old) is how loving/love-able he is. He stares into my eyes with such is like he has been waiting for that moment all day and doesn't want it to end. I think he is a touchy/feely person like me, every chance he gets he grabs on to me and doesn't want to let go, whether it is my finger, jewelry, shirt, hair, etc. He melts into me when I hold him and is the cuddliest little guy...a dream come true really!!! I love it when he is all bundled up in his blanket and I can just hold him and spend time with him, we are both so happy to be together! =) Holding Levi is like holding a piece of heaven.

Tate is officially a toddler. He is not a baby anymore, although I still call him "baby"...he will always be my baby!!! The day his little stream of drool stops will be a bittersweet moment for our family. =) Tate is such a funny kid, a little ham really (I have no idea where he gets it). =) He loves to dance and march around the room to all my plethora of beats. He is discovering the world around him and himself. I love watching him grow and develop. He is talking much more these days. Tate reminds my mom of me when I was his age...talking too fast and in gibberish half the time. He can't pronounce some sounds yet, but I know what he is saying most of the time. =) He loves to talk on the phone and does it all by himself. Tate is very good at telling us what he wants (even when he has "poops"). He is even blowing his nose these days. Tate is a sweet heart and loves people. He loves to put on his shoes and get out of the house. Tate really loves to watch his "shows" and asks to watch Caillou and Diego/Dora more than I would like. Tate is very helpful at this age. He loves to sit on my lap and color while I blog and we both have fun playing with his play dough together. Tate brings me items that I ask for, he'll throw diapers away, he cleans up after himself, he really likes sweeping, and he even helps me give Levi his bath. He is my best Buddie!!! I think the world of my sunshine!


Adhis said...

The first line in your post had me picturing them as teenagers fighting on the living room floor calling each other variations of "butthead."

Heidi said...

This is so sweet! You have totally captured them in picture and word so perfectly! Love you guys!

The Hill Family said...

your sons are so HANDSOME!! i found some SUPER old pics of all of us at your parents house and it made me so homesick!! i bet you're the best mommy in the world!

Kat said...

Those pictures are adorable! You have such a knack for taking good pictures. Your boys are adorable.

Anonymous said...

SOOOOO precious! I love your boys soo much!! And what amazing photo skills you got there seester :)

Laurie said...

Love the pics of the boys. I'm so happy that you realize and appreciate how precious these years are. They grow up so fast. By the way, Mikey is 16 and over 6 feet tall and he is still my baby! My blog isn't as fantastic as yours, but come check it out.
Love, Laurie

Tara said...

Those are such great pictures! Did you take them? And such cute boys. I love how you describe their personalities and what's going on in their lives right now. What a great Mom!

Ashley said...

SOOO CUTE! I LOVE those little boys!!!!