Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One of my best finds!

Some of you might be looking at my couch and thinking it is the ugliest thing you have ever seen, but I LURVE my Danish/modern inspired couch!!! It is pretty much my dream couch. I love the streamlined shape and the dark wood detail. I love the color and fabric, but it is NOT kid friendly. =( I do not love the shape of the three back cushions and will someday replace them with my own decorative pillows. I fear someday soon I will have to reupholster my couch and that is going to cost me as much as the couch did or MORE! Oh, in case you are wondering, I found this pretty baby off of the classifieds and talked her down to $600. This vintage couch was found in an old house and recovered by the lady I bought it from (she obviously had no kids.)
Well, in the short time we have had the couch the seat cushions have already taken a sad toll...due to the occasional spit up, milk spill, chocolate chip mysteriously forgotten (you get the idea.) The other night Tate and his cousins wanted to play with cushions on the floor and jump on the couch. I thought that would be no problem (the couch is at least 40 years old), have fun-make memories! And then yesterday as a looked for a ball under the couch I noticed that all their jumping had bent the foundation!!!!! Ahhhhhhh, very bummed indeed. Now I will have to get that fixed too. Leave it up to me to break an indestructible piece of furniture that has stood the test of time.


A Diddy said...

It's not broken silly Jenny - it's always been that way - that's the design on the underside of the couch. silly silly silly.

Biba said...

Hope it's not broken!! I am hugely protective over my sofa. Yours is SO NOT ugly, i adore the shape and the wooden bits - gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

BTW your music playlist is seriously growing on me :)