Friday, January 9, 2009

Which one is cuter?

"Small Fry"


"Tater Tot"

...which hat, silly!


Stephanie said...

Ok this is by far my favorite blog EVER of yours. I was like does she really want us to choose?! But it ended up being about the hat. Your silly! Lurve it!

Kat said...

Ok I have to say Tater Tot is my favorite hat. However, I love the pictures. Both of them are adorable!

jill said...

Oh my goodness lots of posts!! I loved reading all of them, first these pictures of Tate and Levi in their hats are so dang cute!! And, I totally agree we should all go see Shopaholic in February, I have been wanting to go see that movie so bad!! And, lastly I noticed Tate has the same winter coat as Gavin!! Looks like you and your cute family had a great Christmas!!

Ashley said...

What gorgeous little blessings from Heaven you have there! This makes me excited for my little one to come!