Tuesday, January 6, 2009

There is nothing better in this world than family!!!

It was Big D's birthday around Christmas time so we decided to celebrate both his birthday and Christmas in one night.

These two have been close buddies since T was just a baby, despite the age difference...and I love it! I think Tate will always feel like he has a big brother.

The first part of our evening together was dedicated to Dallin's birthday party. He has grown up sooooooooo FAST, I can't believe it! Dallin is the oldest cousin on my side of the family and has always been so special to me!!! He requested a Stouffer's Lasagna (the best...and a Pearson family favorite), raw carrots and garlic bread for dinner...yummo. Anna made his cake with wild blueberries in the cream cheese frosting and it was out of this world good. I might just have to get that recipe and share it later.

Tate and his cousin "Mema"...BEST BUDS! These two have been more like brother and sister and I hope it stays that way. =)

For our Pearson family Christmas portion of the evening we exchanged gifts for those of us that had them and then went over to Thanksgiving Point. We wanted to go see the lights for a fun and simple activity, but the wait must have been at least two hours so we moved on to the next activity. My plan was to have home made hot chocolate by the fire pit, unfortunately that was diminished as well...they must have closed minutes before we arrived. Luckily, Santa's reindeer were still out so we ventured out into the FREEZING cold to take a look. Levi slept through the whole ordeal tucked away warmly in his car seat and covered with a leather jacket to protect him from the frigid air. The kids got a kick out of the reindeer and we all got really cold fast so we came back to my house for some yummy hot chocolate.

We are a very touchy-feely family, as you can see! =)


Ashley said...

Ah Jenn., this is so cute! That was such a fun night! I'm so glad you documented it; you need to send all of us copies!
P.S. What is up with my rag-a-muffin daughter's hair. I mean, I know it usually looks like that, but I typically try to fix it before she takes a picture so the whole world doesn't know what a negligent mother I am.

Anonymous said...

Em's hair looks just like Meg's. :)


Anna said...

what great memories!!! and thank you sooo much for taking pics that night - that means so much to me! you're the bomb-diggity =)

liso. said...

I'm freakin' jealous! 1. that you have your sisters so close and 2. that you got to see the REINDEER...I wanted to so badly... boo. maybe next year.

Looks like you guys had tons of fun and you're all so.cute!