Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just thinking about sweet baby Levi

you are loved
you have the sweetest spirit
you are cute
you are very cuddly, and mommy loves it
you cry, but you also smile and coo too
you have the most kissable cheeks and lips
you sleep a lot...even through the night
you like the swing with the bears, just like Tate did when he was your age
you are good little eater and have been spitting up a lot this week
you smell good, even when you are "stinky"
you have long brown hair and dark blue eyes
you are the loudest eater...just like Tate
you love baths
you love to be wrapped up tight in your blankets when you sleep
you hold your little head up so good
you always have goop in your right eye because of your tear duct
you love mommy, daddy and Tate
you have the cutest baby rolls I've ever seen
you are very attentive at such a young age
you love to look into my eyes and smile often which melts my heart
you like to look at windows, blinds, and lights
you love to be held
you like sticking to your schedule
you remind me of me
you love your Binky
you didn't take a bottle the first and only time we tried
you are sensitive to what mommy eats more than your big brother was
you are adored by all that know you
you are named after your uncle Tim
you look so cute in darker colors
you always try to suck on your hand and I am sure you will find your thumb someday
your Nana and Papa miss you so much
you are getting big too fast for our liking
you have different cries depending on what you need
you make us so happy
you are so special


michele said...

He is adorable!! What a great picture. I am glad to hear you are so happy and doing well.

Helen said...

I love your blog. It just warms my heart every time I read it! I'm so glad Levi and Austin were blessed on the same day. Levi and Tate are so adorable and they are so lucky to have you for a mom! You're the cutest.

Anonymous said...

Nana & Papa do miss you so much. You are getting bigger each time we see a picture of you. You are adorable to listen to on the phone, but it just isn't the same as being there with you. We love you and Tate!!!

Kat said...

Such a sweet tribute to your son. I love your blog. You are so sweet and your family is so lucky to have you. I am so glad that you are in Young Womens. :) You rock!

Ashley said...

I love little Levi! What a cute tribute to him! Love the "do" in this pic.

Amy said...

Great photo! Enlarge that one & put it in your house for sure!!!