Monday, January 26, 2009

...if only we had hardwood floors =)

We are currently in the process of decorating our master bedroom. I am very excited about it and can't wait to get a finished product! When we moved into our home 4 YEARS ago, I decided I wanted it to be a sexy room...being the master and all. =) Well, I tried to get that sexy feeling by painting the walls RED...except I only painted one coat of red over white, which actually gives you a strange coral-ish/red color with slight streaks. Needless to say, those walls have been haunting me ever since. Oh, not to mention the hand-me down sofa tables my mother-in-law gave us (one of which had been experimentally stained.) The room is just BAD...sad really. Any who, I am changing all that and anticipating my new and improved master bedroom! I have been searching the web and magazines for EVER now trying to get inspiration rooms and come up with grand plan. I recently purchased furniture that I adore on the handy dandy classifieds and primer (to finally rid my life of that hideous red-ish wall color once and for all!) I am really hoping to accomplish a room that feels sexy (yet again), but in a more relaxing/soothing kind of way. My new furniture is vintage Brasilia Broyhill in dark walnut with gold Herman Miller inspired handles. They are in excellent condition for their long as I can get the strange old attic smell out of the headboard (any ADVICE on that would be much appreciated!) I am thinking white sheets and a white coverlet or quilt and a neutral colored throw blanket...maybe some color in the throw pillows. I wish I could afford these lamps, but might have to go this route instead (any other suggestions are welcome.) I plan on getting black and white family pictures blown up and framed on one wall. Hopefully, I can find a sunburst mirror or clock...something like this would be a dream come true for the other wall! I haven't decided what to do one the windows yet, that will probably the last thing I do. I am trying to figure out the art situation in the room right now. I really want something spectacular over the headboard, but not something that is going to coast me an arm and leg (as most art does.)
***If ANY of you know of an artist or happens to be one yourself and wants to be commissioned for some work, PLEASE let me know...I am VERY INTERESTED in all leads you can offer! Here are some artists/pieces I like and am considering:

Black Daisy Blue



Becky Boo said...

That sounds like a lot of work, but how exciting!!! I would love to have your eye for interior design. Grandma has some Christmas presents here for you and your there a good way for me to get those to you?

Kate said...

Hi Jennica, my neighbor paints amazing landscapes. I'm not sure if his style is exactly what you're looking for, but you might want to check him out and see.

(He was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia [sp?] and can't work anymore, so his wife had to go back to work and he stays home with their three kids. They're really struggling right now, so I'm sure that he would appreciate the job! But beyond that, he IS a really beautiful artist.)

liso. said...

so fun! i love stuff like this! ...i've gotten so scattered with our house that i've decided i need to re-focus. one room at a time. i, too, am struggling with the 'something fabulous over the bed' question...

good luck! can't wait to see pics of the final projecto!

Lyns said...

That sounds beautiful! I LOVE the pictures you posted. Just so you know, the Master Bedroom is one of my resolutions this year! :) Also, I know you posted this a while back, but wanted to let you know that if you do a girls night this month, I am so in! :)

Angela said...

I haven't checked your blog in forever! Here is my cousin's website Her maiden name is Weeks. Just an FYI!

Hope all is well! Your boys are DARLING!! Congrats on the new arrival. Levi is a great name!