Saturday, December 6, 2008

very cool interiors

I found these images on flickr and I want to keep in my "interior scrapbook" for future inspiration.

1. magazine desk via Desire to Inspire, 2. Ingram sunburst clock, 3. Untitled, 4. lovely living room(2), 5. juniper III, 6. Untitled, 7. EAMES LOUNGER.jpg, 8. juniper II, 9. front foyer, 10. Untitled, 11. Sanne's new house, 12. Village Grove interior, 13. picture rail & dinosaur, 14. swedish guys view into master bath (supposing you were sitting on the bed), 15. Living room, 16. Blog of the Week: Design Aglow, 17. more west elm chairs that i like, 18. isn't the sofa bed great?, 19. alternate fireplace view, 20. They are waiting patiently to be filled., 21. Coastal Living, 22. I'm feeling their new chair..., 23. Eames DAT-1 becomes an RAR-1, 24. Love the side table, 25. Digging the whole look, love the art., 26. scavenged teak lamp, 27. Dwell Baby, 28. ART, 29. eames wire side table, 30. Hallway, 31. modern loft, 32. Eames Chair, 33. Eames DSW chair, 34. Feeding the chair obsession, 35. My wall..., 36. EAMES LOUNGER black leather.jpg

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Ashley said...

LOVE these... You can post as many pics. of interiors as you want, and I will eat it up every time!!! I'm SOOOO glad we have the same taste. I don't know many people outside of my family who share my obsession, and it's SOOO fun to obsess together!