Saturday, November 29, 2008

The next couple of days...

Our first couple of days with Levi were so wonderful! We noticed right away that Levi was just as sweet and content as his big brother Tate. His angelic presence made our room feel like a sacred place to be in ...everyone could feel the Spirit so strong. I loved holding my baby and watching as others held and adored him. No one could get over just how much gorgeous dark hair he had and how little he was (to think, we still thought of Tate as a baby.) I felt so much better after delivering Levi than I did with Tate and recovered much more quickly. I couldn't sleep much at night because I missed having my little Levi close to me and I missed the rest of my family too! I think I would really enjoy the spa (there's a Christmas present idea for you Andy), because I love being waited on and taken care of in the hospital after I have my babies- a little too much maybe! Some of my requests included: an ice pack every couple of hours, something to eat at 4AM, pain pills, help turning off a light that had no switch, adjusting the volume on my TV since the remote was broken, refills of ice water...all kinds of good stuff. I loved our dinner from Outback Steakhouse that my in-laws brought us in the hospital...rib eye, bread and salad, loaded baked potato and cheesecake with hot fudge and strawberry dipping sauces for dessert. I even got the most amazing back rub from my sister, Megan. I had no idea her little hands were that strong (she also blow dried and flat ironed my hair for me...true love)! We got lots of goodies while in the hospital: baked goods, flowers, balloons, and presents for the baby. I loved having visitors, people that we love and who care about our family coming by to see the baby, wish us well, and keep us company! Most of all, I loved the quality one-on-one time with my Levi!!!

Levi Timothy Weeks, what a studly name. =)

My poor baby really took some abuse on his footsies!

Reality sunk in as we prepared to leave the hospital...our lives would never be the same...only better!

Levi's little preemie outfit actually fit (thanks Aimee), we learned from Tate that 0-3 month clothes don't actually fit until the end of the first month.

Tate had a blast with Grandmama and Grandpapa while we were in the hospital. I couldn't believe just how much he had changed in those few days...really talking up a storm! He was so excited to come home and play with his new cars and Diego doll that Grandmama got him.

On the ride home from the hospital we made a quick unhealthy stop at McDonalds and I took these pictures of my boys in the drive-through.

Levi slept soundly all the way home from the hospital. What a cutie!


Aubrey said...

Jennica, you are gorgeous! Who looks that good after having a baby, seriously? What a HOT MAMA!!! You family is beautiful, congratulations on the new bundle of joy!!

Kimmers said...

Wow, Can I just say that you look amazing in all of the pictures. Seriously!!

Ashley said...

SOOO cute; I LOVE my little tater-tot and small-fry! And... NO one should look THAT gorgeous in the hospital!

Sonia said...

I love the picture where your shoulder is showing. Natural pictures like that are my favorite...okay, so I'm a nudie activist in disguise (don't tell anyone)! Really, such a beautiful family. Good on ya for having enough foresight to look good for the hospital pictures, you're such a good planner!

Tara said...

What a special time! I'm glad you are doing so well! You look amazing! I love the glow of motherhood!