Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Organize your jewlery with these pretty babies.

Loving these adorable jewelry stands from Urban Outfitters! All my necklaces end up in one tangled ball in a jewelry box so I really need a system to keep them separate and organised. I think I want the top left one in white, but I do love the metallic look too...so many choices. A nice added bonus is that most of these come in both white or a metallic option. They range in price from about $15.00-$30.00 so they would also make a great Christmas gift this year. There are even more options at Urban Outfitters if you don't share my taste. =)


Anonymous said...

Jennica- I absolutely LOVE these! I'm always looking for something to hang my necklaces on and I have seen these at some vintage stores and really want them. I especially like the first tree one. Good find sis. Love ya

liso. said...

i totally agree with your choice. top left, hands down.