Sunday, October 12, 2008

Morning Routine

Mornings are always very pleasant with little man Tate. He sleeps in every morning and then plays quietly in his crib until 8:30am or so. He lays there patiently until I wake up (usually to the sound of him kicking the side of his crib or saying "mama, mama") and come get him. Then we have a little quality family time before we start the day, just cuddling and talking to each other. And of course, we turn on Tate's favorite morning shows...Barney (ugh), Curious George, Clifford. Recently, however, due to our new DVR we have been watching episodes of Planet Earth instead...much more enjoyable and educational! And we eat breakfast of course, my favorite meal of the day because Tate actually eats his breakfast (the other meals of the day we are not always so lucky). He seems to love all things "breakfast": all different kinds of cereal, milk, toast, fruits, yogurt, pancakes, french toast, he LOVES his syrup, sausage and bacon, juice, etc... However, our favorite morning food seems to be the "smoothie" which I make at least two times a week. Here is the recipe if you want to try it...
Our Morning Smoothie:
1 banana
6 large frozen strawberries (from Costco)
1-6oz. container of vanilla or strawberry flavored Yoplait yogurt
1 c. milk
2-3 T. Honey
3 T. Orange Juice Concentrate
7 ice cubes
Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. If you want it thicker just add ice, if you like it thinner add milk. Serve to your child in a cup with a lid and straw, they will love it! Fast, easy, and delicious. =) ENJOY!!! **I am going to start adding fresh spinach to mine...I heard you can't taste the difference and it packs in tons of nutrients. We'll see if it works.
NOTE: I have decided that as of tomorrow, this routine is going to change. I know that I have been spoiled by having such a good sleeper, one that goes down without a fuss, sleeps through the night, and sleeps in until later in the morning...and I have taken advantage of it for long enough. Starting fresh tomorrow, I am going to wake up to the sound of an annoying alarm...bright and early. Then I am going to shower and get ready for the day before Tate wakes up. I think he will be shocked that his normal scary looking black mascara-eyed mummy(in the too little pink robe) did not greet him in an overly high pitched, "good morning" because it was still half asleep!!! I figure that I might as well get back to good habbits before the new baby comes so I can handle all the new changes of schedule that he will bring into our lives.

Tate L-O-V-E-S his breakfast...and for that I am grateful!!!


Aubrey said...

That first picture of him is PRICELESS!! I love it! SOOOO cute! We love smoothies at our house too!!

The Buchanan Family said...

Those pics of Tate are so dang cute!

So you'll have to let me know how the whole "new" morning routine goes! I've been wanting to do that for many many months now but just can't seem to get my big butt out of bed when it's time!

Heidi said...

My advice:
1) add milled flax seed to your smoothies. Super good for you and you won't even notice a difference.
2) Enjoy your last few weeks of sleeping in. Tate loves you scary or not!
Love ya!

Stephanie said...

He is soooooo big to me in these pictures! Just looks so grown up. P.S. I voted for Oliver on the names. I LOVE IT! Jax is my second choice.

Ashley said...

So did you get up this morning? Let me know how it goes.

Ducati Groupie said...

Do you use a Macro Lens? You have such beautiful pictures all the time? What are you using?

Jennica said...

Thanks Sonia! I love my camera and lens...if I knew hot to use it then my images would be really good! My lens is a 50mm, which I really enjoy much more than my zoom lens (I never use it...except for Christmas morning).

liso. said...

cute! and i say, sleep in while you can. but i've said that my whole life and i'm usually running late, so you prolly should go ahead and *NOT* listen to me.