Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've got that nesting feeling!

Nest Image
Nesting mode is in full gear for me. The desire to have everything set for this baby is palpable and lists are dominating my life. The only problem is, I now have little ENERGY to do anything about it! Even when I am not pregnant, I am always thinking about what needs to get done, picking things up around the house, and overly consumed with decorating etc... I told Andy the other day that the house was driving me crazy, he then peered into the clutter free kitchen/living room area of our house bewildered. Andy wondered what was bothering me so much, was our house not clean already? It is just hard to explain the bizarre/unique feelings you have, to someone when your pregnant that will never be able to relate. How do you describe some of the hardships your experiencing: the nausea when trying to cook meat, the lack of hormones, the depression you feel when the stretch marks appear, the pain in your hips from being stretched from the inside out, the lack of energy, feeling like you didn't sleep due to the constant visits to the little girls room through the night or cramping, the uncontrollable "nesting" that occurs? I guess I am just worried that I will be so caught up in making it through everything that is going on right now (with holidays and parties etc...) that the baby is going to come and my nest wont be ready.
Some of the items on my wish list (in a perfect world) are:
Get the carpets cleaned (looking good so far).
Clean the windows inside and out...(and the blinds if I am lucky).
Have the ENTIRE house cleaned and spotless.
Start and finish Tate's baby book...(don't even get me started).
Paint a few different rooms in the house...(yeah, right).
Get my hair done.
Clean out and organize the basement.
Purchase a few things for the baby.
Get some of my Christmas shopping done.
Get a pedicure.
Find a cute hand-knit hat for newborn pictures of the baby.
Clean the baseboards and doors.
Organize the pantry.
Redo the caulking in the house.
Figure out furniture placement in parts of the house and buy a new desk/other vintage finds.
...and much, much MORE!

*Today I called and arranged to have our carpets cleaned on Wednesday...very excited to get that done. =) I am seriously considering hiring a house cleaner sometime in the next two weeks, if anyone knows of someone good please let me know!


Heidi said...

I've heard Meredith is amazing, and she'll clean for free! Just kidding. You know I'd offer to paint, but I haven't finished my own project (of 5 months ago) yet.

Becky Boo said...

I TOTALLY know the feeling!! I actually have some of the same things on my list--pedicure included! :) There's not a whole lot I can do to sooth my nesting instinct here, so give me a call and I'll help you get ready for your baby!!

Ashley said...

I don't think a house cleaner would know what to clean! Your house is just fine. Anyone who has ever been pregnant can relate to what you're going through now, but I think you need to let some of your "balls drop" before you lose it all!! LOVE the swing pic., btw!

Kat said...

Hey, I would LOVE to help you get ready for the baby. Call me, and I can help you get rid of some of the things on your list. :) I do great foot massages and pedicures. I even have fun diamond flowers that could go on the toes to add extra sparkle for when you are looking at your feet for a couple of hours. LOL :)