Thursday, November 29, 2007

Check it OUT! :)

Attention: All my homeys...

My husband and his brother Tom have launched an awesome new website called High Impact Changes. As the title suggests, it is a website created to motivate positive changes by committing to one month challenges. It is completely free, no strings attached...promise. :) We are just excited to make changes in our life for the better and thought we could help others too. Please go and register now...Dec. 1is the beginning of a new challenge (meditation for 10 min. each day). Also, if you would like to do last month's change of waking up early each day you can...I know I am. We are so excited about this and all feedback is wanted so that we can make this the best site possible!!!

> HighImpactChanges

Thanks for all of your support, we love ya!


Brooke said...

hey girl...well i checked it out, but i must say i'm very confused about it all...i need to maybe hear the details in guess what? i just started a blog which i'm so excited about...check it

James and Heather English said...

I am not sure where you are hearing the rumors, but NO we are NOT moving! Atleast not that I know of! I am with Brooke on this too, I am kinda confused. You'll have to fill us all in on what exactly to do!

Brooke said...

Well i think it's about time for a new post....we're waiting!!